Essay Writing Service for All Your Academic Needs

Essay Writing Service for All Your Academic Needs

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Course 2: Getting Started with Essay Writing

This is the second course in the Academic English: Writing specialization. This course will especially help prepare you for work in college classes, but anyone who wants to improve his or her writing skills can benefit from this course by introducing you to three types of academic essays.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
– create effective thesis statements for the essays
– plan and write compare/contrast, cause/effect, and argument essays
– write body that is well-developed

Note: The lectures and practice activities are around for free, you must upgrade to the pay version to be able to take the quizzes and obtain feedback on writing assignments.

Course Introduction
-This is the second course in the Academic English: Writing specialization. In the last course, you reviewed sentence types and punctuation. You will use that information in this course to create your writing great. In this program, you are going to learn all about academic essay writing and, specifically, simple tips to write three kinds of essays: compare/contrast, cause/effect, and argument. To pass through this program, you need to pass all four quizzes and pass all three writing assignments. You can continue to the next one when you finish one activity. Enjoy!

Essay Writing
-In this module, you will start learning about essay structure plus some other important tools for good writing. There is a complete lot of information in this module, but it’s all necessary for writing well. Make certain you take notes so you will remember these tools whenever you write your essays. Note to learners: this program is perfect for learners of English with intermediate English writing skills. The sample essays in this program are geared towards that level. However, the principles discussed in the lessons are practical for writers of any level. If you’re at a reduced level, perform some best you can. If you should be a far more advanced writer, feel free to write more developed and complex essays compared to ones into the examples. Just be sure the structures are followed by you introduced.

Writing Compare/Contrast Essays
-Now, you’re prepared to write your first form of academic essay–the compare/contrast essay. In this module, you’ll learn what this type of essay is and exactly how to structure it. Then, you will look at some examples and practice writing your personal essay that is compare/contrast. Remember the sample essays into the lesson are typical for an intermediate-level student. Write a essay that is compare/contrast fits your own writing ability. Good luck!

Writing Cause/Effect Essays
-Now, you’ll learn about writing the cause/effect essay. This really is another type of academic essay that you might be asked to create in your college classes. For this kind of essay you are going to think of reasoned explanations why something happens or perhaps the ramifications of something. The sample essays in this module are also representative of an intermediate-level writer. Write a cause/effect essay right for your very own English level. Keep in mind to follow along with the advice given within the lessons.

Writing Argument Essays
-In this last module, you are going to learn to write the most typical form of college essay. The argument essay has become the most fun essay to write too. In this 1, you can expect to attempt to convince your reader to trust your argument or position on some topic that is controversial. You must think of good reasons to support your position. Make every effort to write a quarrel essay that is towards the best of one’s abilities that are own.

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